Update: New Site-Wide Design and Multi-Language Functionality

Our goal at Turbopark is to provide the best customer user experience on our website.

To improve on the seamlessness and the overall functionality of Turbopark.us, we’ve recently revamped the entire design of the site from the ground up and included multi-language functionality.


Here is a changelog for those interested in what we’ve exactly replaced and how it can benefit you:

  1. New homepage. Added pinned navigation bar which will display as long as the user scrolls downward.

  2. Changed blog design. Replaced site-wide font and changed layout so that it’s easier for users to read our blog posts.

  3. Added social media buttons which will link to our Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages in the site footer.

  4. Updated Purchase Options page.

  5. Added Policies and Terms + Conditions sections in the site footer.

  6. Multi-language capability. Currently English, Chinese Simplified (中文简体), and Chinese Traditional (中文繁體) are the only languages we’ve made live on our site. Each language has its own corresponding homepage which is accessible by selecting the language in the selector located on the top right of each page.

    1. We are expecting to implement Spanish in the near future (Update 4/19/19: Turbopark Spanish has gone live).

Our mobile site’s design and performance has also been improved on by our team. We’ve made it very easy for you to access our website on your mobile device and call us through the contact page or send us an inquiry directly on the mobile web browser.

As always, we are open to feedback from you regarding the usability of Turbopark.us. Feel free to contact us through our inquiry page for questions regarding our products or website recommendations!